Thursday, 10 November 2005

Carnation Instant Breakfaaaaaaaast!

You're gonna love it in an instant.

Every time I start to blog I realize I am just going to start complaining about things and that's no fun, is it? Let me thinkg of something coworker recorded a Michael Palin travel documentary for me...that was nice. And it gives me something more enlightening to watch than the usual crap that I watch. So. Cool then.

Today I almost laughed at the security guard at work cause he was going on and on to some another coworker and I about his Gang days or gangsta days or whatever the heck and he was talking about stupid ass stuff like he was trying to impress us. Like he thought he was a badass. He claimed he was in coma. I didn't believe him cuz he also claimed he was stabbed in the face and there was no scar that I could see. Kris was once stabbed in the upper lip by a deranged busboy where he worked...with a butter knife and ten years ago...and still has a scar. Hell my mother was bit my her parrot like 20 years ago and still has a scar. So bottom line is I think he was full of shit and trying to come off like 50 Cent or whatever. Then he said he found Jesus. He said he was sick and asked God to help "but I just barely asked him and didn't expect anything. Then I got better." Blow it out your ass I wanted to say but didn't. And the other gal was all impressed and asked him what religion he was. He was Christian Apostolic. She was Catholic. She asked what I was and I said...well...i was raised Lutheran. She said "Oh..lots of people our age aren't religious" with a pitying look. I'm not even her age I don't think but I can never tell peoples ages. If I had to guess I would say that she was 5 years younger.

I said I wasn't going to complain then I went and bitched about something. Here is another good thing computer just crashed who knows why after I typed all of the above. But I came back and hit recover post and there it was back again zippity zappity boy howdy. That is a very cool thing


blister said...

a butterknife? deranged and strong.

anywho, venting is the first commandment in the book of blog. i hope...

kookychick252 said...

oh good. I was always venting then when I realized this was actually being read I got self-conscious...I complain, use slang, and swear to much ;)