Friday, 18 November 2005

Livin' It Up, Livin' It Up, Oh Yeah! (Friday Night)

My sister wanted to "fix me up" tonight with a friend of a guy that she's dating. She springs this on me at the last possible minute. I just don't feel like it. I said no. Okay, she said. Hours went by. Finally her stupid guy comes over. "So what's wrong with my friend?" he queries. It's not your fucking friend it's me leave me alone!!!!!!!! I vant to be alone. I am in Greta Garbo mode, so piss off would ya?

My sister, who is 11 years my senior, goes into full Teen Beat personality about dating. It's her subject of the day every day. I guess cuz she married young but- ick. It's annoying. Last night I arrived home to catch her making out in the dark on the front porch. It's all she can talk about these days. Non-stop.

Me- I am anti-social, or I am fake social. This and buzznet are about as social as I get right now, apart from work. Which is sad, yet I don't care at this point.

"I've seen enough of that."

"I'm the boss, this is the champagne, merry Christmas"

My older niece doesn't really like to read. I do think it's true how much you are read to as a child affects your interest in reading as an adult. She never fell in love with books as a kid. A while back I told that is normal to get bored or frustrated when you're forced to read something that you don't want to, but if you find something that that you really interested in reading is a pleasure. Now, at her school they are reading Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo and she is totally enthralled with it. She was lit up talking about many thoughts and ideas that it inspired. I was so happy to see was an excellent book that I read in high school as well. In fact I still have a copy. I aksed if they were going to show the movie as well, she said they might if they had time. We did watch it back then, the movie was more 60's weird...there is a scene where "I'm the boss, this is the champagne, merry Christmas" is said about a million times, we wrote that in each others yearbooks that year. I think the reason the class picked that book off the list of books to read was because of the Metallica video "One" that uses scenes from that movie. There are many movies made in the 60's or early 70's of books I loved and they just had to add some trippy crap and make it sucky...for example The Bell Jar, and Charly (Flowers for Algernon). But I suppose that is better than now where they make movies of TV shows instead of books...Okay I am officially rambling on and on but another book our class in high school read that year was Kiss of the Spider Woman...cuz my friend Lena said she loved that movie. It was very good, but the whole time I was thinking "this doesn't seem like Lena's type of story". Halfway through it she says "this is not like the movie at all" -turns out she was thinking of some thriller movie called Black Widow. Oops.


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blister said...

the only video i can remember from school was some bizarre sex-ed thing starring a couple in impossibly voluminous underpants. it was like a cross between an ingmar bergman movie, the handmaid's tale and old-school TV wrestling (the UK kind - fatter men in tighter shorts).

scarred for life.

anywho ... on behalf of all the dudes who need kids to be into books so that we wont lose our careers and such, yay to your niece. all other entertainment is the devil's work, anyway.