Thursday, 3 November 2005

House o' Mouse

Yesterday, from out of the photo printer, there ran a wee little mousie. I was refilling the water tank just as Ms Mousie did a quick run toward me, then pivoted quick as a wink and ran back underneath. I almost spilled the water but I was proud of myself for not screaming. If it was a big spider I would have screamed.

I guess it was making a home inside the machine because it is warm in there, but I am afraid it will chew a cord to something important and the machine will break. Or we will have a paper jam and open the machine to find mousie jam. Jessica theorized that the photo processing chemicals will cause it to mutate so then our store will be not only mouse infested but, horror of horrors, mutant mouse infested!

That would actually improve the dull dreary days somewhat.

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