Friday, 25 February 2005

Academy Awards

Since this is the first time in forever that I have actually seen all the best picture nominees... here are my Oscar picks for this year. Hopefully I don't jinx anybody, because my picks usually never win. The two exceptions were Kathy Bates and Mercedes Ruehl, but that was quite a while back.

Best Supporting Actress:

Cate Blanchett. She sounded dead on Katherine Hepburn, without making it into a caricacture. I wonder if Hepburn's family was really that rude?!?! Natalie Portman was good in Closer too, she was the only person in it who was at all likable. But I will go with Cate.

Best Supporting Actor:

Morgan Freeman all the way. He is always superb in everything, and this was no exception. Thomas Haden Church was good, but not better than Paul Giamatti...Paul Giamatti sure got screwed this year!

Best Actress:

I didn't see all the movies, Hilary Swank is deserving but she already has one so maybe Kate Winslet. Even though I didn't really like her movie. Maybe I should see it again. You know how when you have a certain expectation and it turns out different than you imagined- then you are disappointed. But I did like her hair. She should win for best hair.

Best Actor:

Jamie Foxx. Who would have thought Wanda the Ugly Woman would turn out to be so amazing. Hooray for Jamie Foxx.

Best Director:

Gotta give it to Clint. He's the man.

Best Picture:

Hard to decide. Ray was great but slow in some parts. Million Dollar Baby was so sad that I don't know if I would watch it again. I was not wild about Finding Neverland but I think that may have been another instance where I had high expectations or expected something different. The Aviator has what it takes for best picture, excellent cast, beautiful cinematography. But as for which one I would be most likely to watch again, it would be Sideways. Yet even that I did not love as much as the critics did... Screw it, I am going to fly backwards in time and give Johnny Depp *and* Bill Murray awards, plus Michael Clarke Duncan for the Green Mile. And I am going to snatch Julia Roberts's Oscar back, and tell her to shut the hell up and quit hogging the spotlight (like she did when Denzel Washington won, every photo of him from that night included her- latching on to him and braying like a jackass). And I will give that one to my girl Meg Ryan, in honor of When a Man Loves a Woman. Then I am going to drink too much and throw up on Joan Rivers.

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good call!