Thursday, 3 February 2005

Minka: Miss Congeniality

Wow, I was doing this goofy thing called Catster. And I put Minka on it, and boy did she get a lot of complementary emails. Holy cow. This is a goofy thing but it managed to kill a lot of time today and anything that kills time is fine and dandy with me I tell ya. Here are some quotes about Minka:
"Minka, you are stunning! Our Mommy's grandmother once had a persian
kitty named Minka but she was pretty evil. I'm sure you're wonderful!
Please be friends with us? :)"

"You are gorgeous Minka. I love your pictures."

"Aloha! Your eyes are simply GORGEOUS! Wanna be purr pals?

"Minka is such a beautiful kitty!"

"what a pretty kitty"

At least one of us has friends heheh. Actually I do I just am terrible at keeping in touch. Like I was supposed to call Lis this week and it is already Thursday. I guess what it boils down to is I am anti-social as hell. But enough about me, here is a Minka Pic and link to her Catster page

I think all this should officially confirm that I have no life. Then again, I guess most people don't really. We just take what we can get. Have fun no matter what, even if it is websurfing or listening to oldies (right now I am doing both). You know what I am desperate for? Hee Haw on DVD. But it is $100. Yikes! I need to win the lottery or something. I am rambling again. Somebody stop me!

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Love your site, and your kitty!