Friday, 4 February 2005

Roller Coaster Cry

Mmm these cookies are very good! Take it from a girl in her menstrual cycle, if you want yum yum chocolate chip cookies then look no further!

Signed up for cable TV, which is probably a big mistake as it will just make me lazier than I am already. Plus Kris and I won't be interested in many of the same shows. When I am at my mother's or something, I find myself watching lame stuff that I would be embarrassed to admit to watching. Like The Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Celebrity Fit Club. There, I admitted it. And admitting is half the battle, or something. Damn you VH1! Plus I sit there watching that crazy I Love the 80s/90s crap. Who are some of those people? Sometimes they show a person you know and other times it is someone you've never heard of. One time I saw some chick on a show and her credit was "Pop Culture Expert" uh hello? Is that a career, if so sign me up!!!

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