Thursday, 10 February 2005

57 Channels and Nothing On...

Or however that Springsteen song goes....

This is my idea for cable pick exactly each and every channel you want. And pay per channel. For example I would gladly lose the sports channel, golf channel, Court TV aka 12 year old kills granparents channel- how depressing is that? That is like the Barbie tells horrific stories channel.

I would add Game Show and BBC America and VH1 Classic. Those right now are on the 2nd tier where you have to pay way more and basically you get those plus an assload of additional sports channels. I don't want any more sports channels. And it is all too expensive :P

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. jamie said...

If I were able to choose my cable channels, I would choose: BBC, CBC Newsworld, the Discovery Channel, HBO and TSN. One sports channel is good enough because they all end up showing the same thing anyways.

Being a TV Student right now, I am told that I should be watching tv while committing 70 hours to schoolwork every week. It's not easy, but I suppose it only makes sense that I should be aware of what's on tv and what I am expected to be working with once I break into the business.

Though, right now if I were in the business, I'd want to rearrange the entire structure of Cable/satelight television among other things!