Thursday, 3 March 2005


I really need a job or else I am going to go completely mad. Today I did not even leave the apartment. I had an OZ marathon, cooked some food, and went on Buzznet for a long time. I didn't clean or do laundry. I didn't return the video rentals. I think I have people-o-phobia. I think I should move somewhere where there are not so many people.

People are driving me crazy with their cell phones. People walking down the street having full on, boring ass conversations. They are completely oblivious to anyone around them. Go home and talk. Shit. Can't you be silent for five minutes? A couple days ago we went out to eat and there was this woman at the bar, bothering the bartender claiming she was in a hurry and asking what was the quickest dish to order. Then she sat there with her phone stuck in her ear, going on and on making calls that didn't sound the least bit important and speaking loud enough that everyone there could hear her. Why are people so rude like that? It just gets worse and worse. And what the fuck am I doing? Why blog? Why post pictures? Who cares anyway. I guess this is more or less like a scrapbook for me, but why do this. I am just trying to fill the days at this point.

three things to cheer me up:
Nellie McKay Lyrics

shit, I can only think of one....d'ohhh!


Alex V said...

I like your pictures. And your comments are funny.

kookychick252 said...