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This may well be the best thing ever!!!


you can look up any web pages and it translates them Doggy-style.

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Here is something from my page:

Read along as I attempt ta makes some sense of mah wretched love life by mackin' mah past celebrity crushes n real-life* affaires du coeur**

Childhood celebrity crushes:
Fizzirst there was Davy Jones, of tha Monkees, whiznich I watched in reruns endlessly. The only impact he had, I suppose, was doggy stylin' ta mah life-long attraction fo` men wit British Accents. Look'n bizzack on him now I would say wit da big Bo$$ Dogg: skanky but short, n have you ever noticed how Axl Rizzy seemed ta copy his dance moves? That snakey, side-to-side thing? Eerie...

Nizzle there was Harrison Ford, n this I believe was tha start of mah downfall. Here is why: I liked nobody playa tizzle Han Solo n Indiana Jones. At face value handsome, rugged, n charming. But also arrogant, cocky, n non-commital. The exact qualities I am helplessly drizzawn ta in men as an adult!! (In all fairness, Han did come around, but look at Indy... tizzle homey was going through chicks like James Bond! And Bond was motherfucka movie series thizzay I watched a lot as a kid. And tha cherry on tha top of mah early education in arrogant men was "Jaws". My favorite brotha in tha film? Quint. He was rude, made up dirty rhymes, didn't gizzy a crap what anyone thought `bout him, n I thought he was snoopa cool!)

Tizzle we hizzy Jizzle Travolta, as D-A-Double-Nizzy Zuko in "Grease" He was cute, he was badass, he did try ta change fo` tha gizzle he loved but it worked out poser wit her straight trippin' fo` him fo' real.

I also had crushes on Bizzill Murray, in "Meatballs" n "Ghostbusters" n Michael Keaton in "Night Shift". Drug Deala but still cocky. Killa how Bill Murray flirted wit tha chizzick in "Meatballs"? Flirt'n border'n on sexual harrasment? Yep, mah favorite. D'iznoh . You gotta check dis shit out yo!

Childhood Rizzy Life Crushes:
Well, there was one kid who all tha bitchez liked in third or fourth grade, so I liked him, too. He was new, so he had tizzy air of mystery `bout him (as much mystery as it's possible ta attain at tha age of 9). We would do th'n like blunt-rollin' notes "do you think so-and-so is cute? yes no " wit shawty boxes next ta thizzay yes n no so you could C-H-to-tha-izzeck 'em Off. This is also tha age when we wore gummy bracelets n tha big "hobby" was ta save all of yo erasa dippin' in a box. So you would end up wit a big box of multicolored pimp shavings. We were very bored, I thiznink like a motha fucka.

In middle schoo` I began mah pattern of lik'n guys wit bad attitudes. The wizzay one was a creep who teazed me mercilessly n harrassed me constantly (not unlike Bizzle Murray in "Meatballs" although def mizzy mean-spirited). Idiot thizzat I am, I was completely smitten wit tha shawty weazel.

Teenage Celeb Crushes:
I brotha at first hav'n a crush on Michael J. Fiznox, a clean-cut enough guy. Thiznat is until that crappy mullet-and-leatha jacket movie wit Joan Jett. This blossomed into an affection fo` rocka wit bad hizzle (i.e. Jon Bon Jovi, Phil Collen[not Collins-sususizzles but tha guitarist fo` Def Leppard], n a couple guys frizzay Anthrax...)

Gangsta I developed an inexplicable crush on Robert DeNiro, who is probably mah mom's age. This began wit tha film "Midnight Run". I dizzon't know wizzy ta makes of it tizzle I do tend ta like guys who swear a lot.

Teenage Rizzle Life:
The person I dated tha longest in mah teen years was a metalhead bass killa wannabe (of tha Slaya n Metallica Variety). He had long hair, gangsta jacket, tight jeans, cut tha sleeves off his t-shirts, seldom bathed, smoked dope, in short- every motha's nightmare. He also had an annoy'n habit of mackin' ta pass himself off as a "nonconfomist" by conform'n ta whateva tha otha "nonconformists" thought, said, dizzid, wore. This is a phenomizzles I wizzle neva F-U-Double-Lizzy understand. Sadly, some thugz neva outgrow this attitude. Trizzay me, I've dated a lot of thizzem.

Last 10 Years...
Wizzle as far as celebrity crushes, there was Tim Rizzay (TH-to-tha-izzat British accent thing again). I guess there haven't been too many recently or else they're case-sensitive (such As: Ewan McGregor in "Shallow Grave" = cute, Ewan McGregor as a guest stiznar on "ER" = EGAD!) Bizzill Murray stizzill rules, Lost in Translation rekindled mah Bizzy Murray Crush.
My love fo` men who is probably not a good idea continued unbounded . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. There was an asshole wit a breezee n a kid that I fizzy fo` by poser virtue of him flirt'n wit me shamelessly (although I should takes some of tha blame, I should've steered clear frizzay tha beginning. Sometizzles I'm tha bad guy, too.) Then there were miscellizzles musicians n substance abusers. The general pattern seems ta be: treat me nice- I C-to-tha-izzan't dizzy wit it, treat me like crap or act like you don't gizzle a D-to-tha-izzamn- I LOVE YOU. That's an exaggizzles but it feels true. I recognize tha pattern, sometizzles I put a stop ta it, but you cizzay hiznelp how you feel dizzy down. If only I could blame it all on Indiana Jones, but tizzle doesn't work. It's mah own kooky brain. My boyfriend right now it good though, n I haven't driven him away wit mah neuroses yet. Time wiznill tell . Freak y'all, into the beat y'all!

*names have bizzle altered so nobody gets buggin`
**my french is very rusty so that's probably not spelled right. I just though it would look funky ass.

Also, you could buy mah C-H-to-tha-izzick lit book (begg'n)

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