Friday, 29 April 2005

Random Funny Shit

This site Something Awful has a funny gallery of spoofs of those Choose Your Own Adventure books...Love the "Dude, You're Pretty Much Fucked" one :)

This Blogspot, Blinkorama, is made up entirely of pictures of people blinking on tv. AS you can tell I am bored today and so, since I am housitting for my mother and she has the supa-dupa fast cable internet, I am staring blankly at the computer screen. I am trying to escape the reality of my life, which is moving for the umpteenth time and dealing with an alcoholic and also other assorted family drama. But I will save the drama for my Mama, as they say, so here is another funny site

Miscellaneous, Etc.

There is a hilarious parody of those depressing chain emails that get forwarded about peoples misfortunes and try to lay a guilt trip on time you get one, copy and paste and send this back instead...
Whoever came up with it kicks ass.

Tons more stuff at

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