Monday, 25 April 2005

Doing the approaching thirty-one purge…. Gonna move again…move on. I am trying to eliminate lots of crap so that I don’t have so much to move. I have tons of CD’s. Mainly because I used to work at a Wherehouse Music and we had the used CD’s… employees could buy ‘em for a buck. So therefore, there may have been an artist who had one or two songs I liked, yet I would buy the whole CD because it was so cheap. Even if they were cheesy, which most of them were. So as I am packing, I am putting the one or two songs I like off each CD into my computer. Oddly, they often seem to be the eighth song on the disk… Then I will take the CD’s themselves downstairs to the laundry room where someone might like em. I have been leaving boxes of stuff I don’t want down there and usually someone else has use for it. It’s kind of cool, actually. Instead of sitting there on my shelf someone may well grab this Bobby Brown or Winger or INXS and say “hey, I used to love that when I was a kid”. Okay, so I am down to some shady CD’s, but the movie selection today will be pretty cool. I was a Blockbuster employee so I have loads of tapes because we could sell them used as well. Stuff that I like quite a lot but have not watched in a long time and could conceivably rent in the future if I really felt like seeing it again (and also stuff that seems to be on television all the time.) I am even going to put my Star Wars trilogy, the original tapes….I have the DVD, and I don’t like the special edition added stuff…but I also have the tapes that were my dad’s from the nineties when they re-released the original versions for the last time. So I was only keeping the old old ones for nostalgia’s sake, but what the hell. I looked on ebay to see if they were worth something as a collectable, but not really. So now, it’s a freebie for someone in the building. I might put my Indiana Jones too. And ask for the DVD for my birthday.

This is kind of depressing… but I do feel like I am ready for a big change and it is not going to happen if I stay in my current situation. So I am getting rid of excess crap, for some reason it makes me feel a little bit energized. Though I am terribly sick of starting from scratch every few years. I hope I have really learned something and will have better judgment in future. Every time I have a major change I say that. Then I go on to work for works sake at jobs I hate and date guys that I think are cute, despite the obvious warning signs of potential problems… This time, it has to be different. I can’t go through life with blinders on and hope for the best. I have to make it happen. I sound like a self-help book and an asshole. Oh well, like I said I am purging right now. Blah blah blah.

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