Saturday, 9 April 2005

Anthrax- original line-up reunited??!??!

NO fucking way! That rules! Seriously!

Since the big three-oh I have been sooo nostalgic and Anthrax was my favorite band when I was a lil teenager. I was a dorky lil metalhead kid. So I would love to see em again with the original line-up and all...looks like they're mainly doing dates in Europe but they oughta play here... or at (the very) least put out a DVD of the concert.... anyway it brings back great memories of watching NFV and listening to my favorite album, which was Among the Living. Didja know they got me reading Stephen King as a kid? also Spreading the Disease and State of Euphoria and Persistence of Time...which I reviewed in a junior year video production class to puzzled response from my non-metal classmates (all of them, that is)... and then there was the fun of my mother having to drive us to the concert...and she got all offended when they chanted Suck My Mother Fucking DICK. Ah, the fun times of youth...heheh...

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