Tuesday, 1 January 2002

Well, Happy New Year. Sorry no exclamation point but I am not all that enthused. I am happy the holdays have passed without anything bad happening. But otherwise... I spent the evening watching the "Sex and the City" marathon and at midnight kissed the back of my hand. Okay I didn't really kiss my hand, I kissed my cat. I am turning into an annoying Sandra Bullock character a la "While You Were Sleeping". At least it wasn't a repeat of last year:
Actually, last year was the only New Year's Eve that I ever had that was like in a movie. Big crowd counting down, drunk, swapping spit with my "love", balloons and shit falling all over the place. It was way "Poseidon Adventure" but without the disaster aspect. And instead of "Auld Lang Syne" (is that how to spell it?) they played U2 "New Year's Day". But hey, what do you expect from something called New Wave City? Now that U2 song depresses me, especially the "I will be with you again..." part. Oi well it's all a "learning" and "growing" experience, innit? One day I will look back on all this and laugh. Probably while rocking back and forth wearing a straightjacket. Is it straightjacket or straight jacket? I ask as though I will recieve an answer. Whatever it is, get it ready. I feel a full Mariah coming on.

Speaking of Mariah, and New Year's, another interesting one was spend at Blockbuster. The Albany Blockbuster that I worked at back in the day. We closed at midnight but invited favorite customers back. We had champagne and watched "Star Wars" and played "Wave Race" and I made out with this asshole who was cheating on his girlfriend with me. Which- because I was making out with him- made me an asshole, too. We were lucky that night that the store manager didn't bust our asses. But he never found out about it. It was memorable, anyway. It has something to do with Mariah Carey in a roundabout way. The asshole liked Mariah Carey. Which goes to show it doesn't matter what a guys musical taste is, be it crappy pop or hardcore punk, he will still kick ya in the chest if he gets a chance. Hoo-boy, men!

Soooo 2002. I hope that this year is a little gentler to us all.

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