Sunday, 6 January 2002

I looked up Dido, because I get called Dido all day long at work. I didn't really see a resemblance, but i kind of do after I saw this picture: (d'oh that didn't work and I don't know why, I will fix it another time)

But I get told I look like people all the time. And it is a different person every time except for my working at Blockbuster period when I would dye my hair really dark and then several customers said I looked like Sandra Bullock. But that must have been because of the hair color, I think. I think I just have a very generic face and then people can see all sorts of different things in it. My favorite is when people say I look like Princess Leia, which has happened a couple times. Because I love Carrie Fisher. Now that I think about it there was someone who said I looked like Sandra Bullock years later when my hair was light again. I remember because he was a drummer that my former roomate had a crush on (or slept with? I forget) and she got all huffy because he was flirting with me. He was the drummer for Bif Naked, maybe that was the singer's name? Not the band name? Well I forget what his name was, in any case. And I am rambling. I am tired, but...

Can't go to sleep early, no siree, because something good will happen tonight. It's been a while, but the wait is finally over. OK all I am talking about is a new episode of "Oz", but give me a break because I am doing through a 'dull' period of my life. And I don't really watch any shows regularly, but I don't miss an episode of "Oz". And the season finale last time made be flip out, like if I was a man watching football. I get so wrapped up in that freakin' thing. If only Adebisi were still on it. I miss his little sock hat that stayed just barely perched at an awkward angle on his head. He had his own gravitational force, I guess. But I can make do with Beecher (woo-hoo), Schillinger (hissss), Sister Pete (Rita Moreno rules), Ryan O'Reilly (who I hate the most) and his brother Cyril (M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen-esque), Cloutier (who knew Luke Perry had such a small...), and of course the ever whining Tim McManus, who has more relationship trouble than I do. Oh and Said, Busmalis, Pancamo... yeah, I'm a dork. Hey, why didn't HBO ever put the thing on tape like they do their other shows?

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