Friday, 4 January 2002

OK I am admittedly way behind the times, but I am so sick of Madonna Behind the Music with one stupid braid hanging along one side of her face, I was thinking what is the deal with her "Sex" book anyway. I mean, I have never seen it, is it like a Playboy-type of thing or what? So I figured I would look it up on the web and of course the whole damn thing is there. It's more than Playboy, it's like porno. Except it really funny because you're like ew, geez Madonna! An old man? Knife-wielding lesbians? Holy shit is that a dog? Madonna you are one gnarly, freaky, craaaaazy beeotch. That the type of thing famous people would try to prevent the publishing of. But I have to say the piece de resistance that had me ROTFLMAO is this pic with Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice! Look at the stupid expression on his face! WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!

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