Wednesday, 16 January 2002

Eric, are you looking at this? Eric why did you have to tell me you were going to look at this? That is highly irregular, Eric.... Daisy, Daaaaiiisy give me your answer dooo...

I have a hard time writing when someone I know says they are going to read it. Eric don't be jeaulous that I said Pollito is my favorite work friend. It's just that we take lunch together and talk a lot and after he leaves who am I gonna talk to?

Additionally a friend from back in the day may be reading this and I sure I may have said things here and there. Well you know what I think the key is what's done is done so warts and all. I was glad to be in touch again, really. I mean he is someone I care for. The side of me that has a shitty attitude is the immature side and I am trying to grow up a bit more. I was concerned when I found out he was shipped off to some other country. because being in the Air Force, but look where they sent him. That looks appealing. Shit, does Uncle Sam want me?

I'm gonna split and attempt that Yoga thing again... Oh one more thing, yesterday I thought I was going to laugh on BART. And I don't like to do that when I am by myself because then people think your nuts. But I swear to God the train operator sounded exactly like Reverend Lovejoy on "The Simpsons". Every time we stopped he would say "Richmond Train, Richmonnn-duh". Well I guess you had to be there. My other favorite train operator is Mr Dramatic Pause... he's all like "Next stop, West... ...Oakland." Everyday without fail. I think I am cracking up due to riding to much public transportation. I need a Leopard Friday. So, how 'bout it?

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