Friday, 25 January 2002

Me: "Well, you know how sometimes someone might not be that good-looking but then when you get to know them they become more attractive?"

He: looks at me like I'm crazy

Me: "You know... like haven't you ever thought a girl was pretty and then you got to know her and her personality was really annoying?"

He: "Well, yeah but she was still pretty... Either you're pretty or you're not."

Me: "Okay, but haven't you ever met someone who wasn't physically that attractive but then their personality was so funny and appealing they became more pretty to you?"

He: "Either you're pretty or you're not. It's like having good or bad breath. You can have a mint, but you still have bad breath."

Me: "So you're saying that a good personality is like a breath mint?"

Or something to that affect. Man, I will miss Anthony. It's like having conversations from When Harry Met Sally..

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