Friday, 4 July 2008

I am so neurotic about my weight and what my body looks like

in pictures, and i have gained a lot in the last year. For my wedding photos they are going to have to artfully hide me behind flowers and stuff like Ann Wilson in Heart videos.


Alexv said...

I'll stand next to you.

BTW, I was at Target today. Every couple of minutes they do these "Attention Target Team Members" announcements. Man, those are annoying. How did you stand it?

bewitched said...

Omg don't make me laugh at that Ann Wilson comment.

I can come and stand in front of you with my fatter ass how about that?

I think you're gorgeous btw as always :)

kookychick252 said...

y'all are too sweet.

alex, i dunno what else to say except GSTL to guest service

fleedawgie said...

I'm with Jeri.. don't make me laugh at that. I think you're perfect. When I turn sideways the sun momentarily is blocked and the world sighs.