Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Accident-prone in the week leading up to the wedding

Last time I was at Ma's, I went out to see her chickens, she has one named Sweet Pea that is really tame and likes to be held. I was sitting there holding her and one of the frickin' roosters flew up and perched on my head, digging it's claws into my scalp. Then it crowed, and I said get this sucker off my head before it shits on me. Yesterday, Ben and his niece and I all skinned various body parts going down the slide at Cordonices Park. THis thing is an accident waiting to happen. Witness the photo my sister in law took:

Then, today at work I tripped and almost fell face first into the SHred-It container, I stopped myself with my hand, nearly spraining my wrist. Yeah. So this'll be me at the wedding, like the lil doggie:

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