Thursday, 10 July 2008

Girls Gone Idlewild

I just called my mother at 9:40 and it woke her must rock to be retired. When she was working she was up at the crack of dawn, day off or not. Lately I am getting no sleep and it shows. I am cleaning and internetting and listening to was I disappointed in the movie... I love the album and the movie hardly had any music in it, I wanted a full out musical. CALL THE LAW oh man I love that song. Not in the movie. The beginning seemed really cool and I had already heard the album a million times so I was picturing what would happen, and nothing was like I expected. Still I love OutKast and the only thing I ever won in my life was all their CD's, courtesy of Buzznet. Can't believe buzznet even had that outKast promotion..all the eyeliner boys and techicolored hair starlets of questionable stardom that they promote these days.

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fleedawgie said...

I'm sad I missed that contest but I'm super happy you won. I L-O-V-E Outkast too. Yet another thing we have in common.