Monday, 30 June 2008

I am drinking Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante out of a beer glass through a straw

cuz i am just that trashy. Actually I've applied a lip balm called Sexy Motherpucker that is supposed to swell your kisser up so you look like Angelina Jolie or something. It gives your mouth a weird feeling like numbness combined with someone drumming their fingertips against your mouth. It doesn't look any fuller so far, just way too shiny like saran wrap. There's 8 bucks well spent.

Anyway I am drinking the champagne to celebrate the fact that the wedding plans are mostly in order and the end of the stress is in sight. I am being all girly too, I actually bought some nail polish. Hot pink, bright orange, electric glittery blue, and black. I love the 80's.

I crack up every time I go to Target, cuz I used to work there and when I did, I would come in and people that worked there would always make eye-contact...recognizing the hideous red/khaki combo outfit. Ya go in there as a civilian and people that work there will do anything to avoid making eye contact with you, lest you are about to ask them a question or something. This worked out well today, cuz I didn't bother with any makeup and looked rather broken out and ruddy. Besides, there are only a very small group of peeps at that target that I liked...the Stockton target crew was much nicer.

I am so happy I had an extra day off this week, I like just goofing off whenever I can.


bewitched said...

I should buy some nail polish. My toes look creepy.

fleedawgie said...

I forgot what I was gonna say because I'm still laughing at your description. hahhahha

You have more class than I. I was outside smoking a Marlboro and pulling weeds in 4.5 inch Cole Haan pumps.