Thursday, 5 June 2008

When life hands you lemons, just say "fuck these lemons" and bail!

That was the best quote in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I just saw it last night with Kel at the Cerrito. Good theater: pizza and beer. What more do you need. I am trying to be more of a girl having girls night out etc...this is hard. Men are easier to talk to than women. I don't have kids, I don't plan on having kids, I am excited about the party aspect of the wedding but I hate trying to sort out the details. I am sick of people asking me about it because no one seems to relate to my opinion on it. People want to help but then act surprised by how little money I am willing to fork over on this. I don't have a theme. I don't wear sparkly diamonds and i fucking love this ring Ben got me...diamondless and beautiful. If i want something sparkly I can always wear my great aunties old rings...and they are too fancy to me for everyday wear. So don't look down your nose at me for that. I am having fake flowers because who needs the pain in the ass of a florist. This wedding planning shit is by far the most feminine thing I have ever had to do (except for tampons but that goes without saying). I've got to get favors together....I have to register...that isn't so fun. We already have plates and stuff and i am that weird kind of person that gets sentimentally attached to inanimate objects and doesn't want to throw anything away until it's beyond repair. So there is nothing to register for except expensive shit no one would buy. Can I register somewhere to have people pay towards our bills? Or more specifically mine, cuz I am a danger with a credit card boy I'll tell ya.

I have some faux-floral centerpiece things from Jean and they are too white. So right now i am trying to think of a way to incorporate bright colors and leopard print.


bewitched said...

Oh man I was the same damn way dude. I personally got so tired of the BS of wedding planning that we said fuck it and eloped. I've already told my daughter that I'll just give her the money when she's older if she just skips the wedding part lol. I'm not big into sappy moments so I'd rather see her put a down payment on a house. Hehe

fleedawgie said...

Giiiiirrrrrrrrrrl I am one to say "Fuck it" when it comes to the whole social events and planning for them. hahhha I dig ya on the bill thing. My parents bought us new tires for our wedding gift. I looked through millions of books, looked for a dress, picked out invites.. and then one morning we woke up and said the hell with this and went to the courthouse. We don't have fancy rings. I held a few wild daisies that we found outside. I'm getting side-tracked now. So yehhh, I was vinna say you should get a prepaid no-limit money card for folks to upload money to.... that way you can pay bills or buy whatever you want with it. Heck, you and only you know what you really want and need. Lettuce snow when you register and stuff.

Alexv said...

I think in Asia, the tradtional wedding present is cash, because it's so practical. I was thinking of getting you a Target gift card. Or maybe government cheese.