Saturday, 7 June 2008

I Bled Chocolate!

I am super restless today...I am on my lunch break but it is about to end. I am tired of talking about chocolate. I am also tired of trying to stretch my tour out longer cuz it never works. If people are all interested and asking questions and stuff it's cool...but when people come in and see the chairs and realize that they are going to be listening to a lecture before they see any machines...and you see them looking like "oh man.." that bites, and then I can't stretch the tour out any longer than normal. This lady was actually falling asleep today. I feel like it's my punishment for falling asleep in churches.


Alexv said...

Maybe the lecture should come at the end of the tour, so people can listen while eating chocolate.

kookychick252 said...

we give em samples during the lecture, the ungrateful bastards!! heheheh

fleedawgie said...

My left hand is asleep so this is difficult to type. hahha I'll come to your thing and be interested. I'm interested in machines and how they work. I'm a nerd like that. I would also be extremely grateful for the chocolates I would be receiving.

I'm so blah lately. I need help.