Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Like a kiddie scissors class cut it up for a paper doll

I ruined one of my favorite dresses last week at the laundromat. I hate their stupid industrial strength machines. Tore it apart. Blah.

In other complaints, I sunburned my scalp.

It was at my nephew-in-laws graduation. IT was fun though, and I spent an inordinate amount of time holding a baby. I am not the kind of person that is all "oh can i hold the baby?" to everyone...but my brother in law's friend set him on the ground (i dunno how old he was, but just old enough to stand up while holding on for support) on top of the playground-covering pieces of bark. And he was looking at them with an eye like he was about to eat them. And I ran up to him just as he was about to put a cigar-band-i-shit-you-not in his mouth. So I said "awwww could i hold the baby?" and carried the lil bugger around. He was pretty happy and friendly though.

So that's it from here.

Also, RIP Cyd Charissesuch an elegant lady...


bewitched said...

Cyd was indeed a classy lady. I say Cyd as if we were pals. heheh

fleedawgie said...

What's up with washers ruining shit? They're supposed to removed the soilage and leave the cloth behind. That's their job. Don't they know that!