Saturday, 28 May 2005

Hoo boy!

This day sucks a bit. I wanna go back home to SF waaaah! But I know what I gotta do. I know I gotta get back on track in life, oh how I do. But it is easier to avoid it. Oh well. Nothing like going from having your own apartment to having to share a house. Right now only me and my niece are home. And her new boyfriend. And how fucking awkward is that. I didn't sign up to be the one that keeps an eye on teenagers. She and my nephew are a lot different than they were as little kids. I swear as soon as I have medical insurance again I am getting my tubes tied. I have no patience for this shit. Sorry for being bitchy and boring but it is one of THOSE DAYS. The best thing about THOSE DAYS is that eventually they do end and then things may be pretty much okey-doke again. They sure drag on though, don't they?

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