Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Do Hey Fucky

I am sitting here drinking a large can of Foster's (is there any other size heheh) and trying to sort out how in the hell I have amassed such a large collection of crap....tons of books, cds, movies...and worse...tons of photo albums. Not that photo albums are bad, but I have more than my mother does and she is twice my age. And I have too many clotes...that I may well never wear again but just might so I feel like keeping em. I am getting rid of lots of office attire though, cause if I ever have to work in an office again I will vomit. Plus I have tons of old papers that I cannot seem to throw out, and old letters and things that make me smile or scratch my head in puzzlement when I read them...for example this note from my best high school friend Cora.


Dear Jamie (aka Butt Nugget)

What’s up? Do you know what it says on my desk… “I gave you my purity you stole. Did you think I wouldn’t recognize this compromise, am I too fucking stupid to realize.” Don’t ask me what that means. It also says (on my desk)…Testies David…Allen has no dick….I love Allen…SEXGOD…Bibi…Do Hey Fucky…and that’s about it. I don’t know why I am sitting here reading the desk. I am bored, I guess.

Love your Cuz, Sphincter Woman

Do Hey Fucky is my favorite part...cuz WTF does that mean. I just posted the same letter on Buzznet but oh well, it bears repeating, at least in my mind it does.

And here I am once again avoiding packing by goofing off on the computer...but there is something so gross about moving. Anyway. I am moving in with my sister whom I have not lived with since I was nine and she got married. She is now divorced and I will be living with her and her teenage daughter. I am actually looking forward to it, and grateful for the opportunity as it will mean less rent and I can go back to school.

Whenever I drink Foster's, I am reminded of joke about how compared to Australian beer, American beer is a bit like making love in a canoe. Cause it's fucking close to water.

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