Thursday, 5 May 2005


Didn't know what to get Ma for Mudder's Day so went fruitlessly searching for something to catch my eye...nothing. Decided to get her a book... she likes celeb autobio's so got her Goldie Hawn A Lotus in the Mud or some such blah blah, and Kirstie Alley how to lose your ass. Then I got the book in Found Magazine...intriguing. And I have some weird stuff I found that I could send...a weird poem one of my former neighbors wrote. And I just tossed a bunch of other stuff..well, maybe someone else will find it. It's odd, so many people have similar handwriting and there are a few items in there were the writing is dead on like someone that I knew or know currently.

Yesterday, while cutting asparagus I sliced the living crap out of my fingertip and man did that hurt like a mofo. It bled forever. Then in the night the band-aid was falling off so I went to change it and when I looked at it again I got dizzy and started to faint like a lil sissy. So I grabbed the band-aid and laid down on the bed to put it on, because you can't faint when you are lying down apparently. So long as you lie down before you actually faint, cause either way you pretty much end up in a horizontal position don't ya. Don't ask me, I'm rambling on and it is a bit hard to type without using the bandaged finger.

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