Wednesday, 8 June 2005

What up?

A few things since I haven’t written in a while---

1. Job-hunting SUCKS!
2. Revenge of the Sith RULES!
3. What am I doing with my life?

I had an interview at a store I was really hoping to work in. First, they kept me waiting till half an hour after my scheduled interview time. Then, when the manager finally showed up to interview me, she said she lost my application. So then I had to fill out another. Then she asked annoying questions like how would I go about pushing their special promotions on customers. Really obnoxious super corporate shit. Then after all that she said the openings weren’t available til possibly mid-July. D’oh!

Then every other freaking store wants applicants to apply online, which means you have no idea who to talk to in order to follow up on it. Damn it all! The world has gone completely mad!!! I had to fill out an online app for a grocery store, which contained 70 pages of three questions each…such charming things as “It is maddening when a guilty prisoner is released- Strongly agree? Agree? Disagree? Strongly disagree?” Bite my ass. WTF does that have to do with being a grocery clerk. I guess they are trying to weed out people that get all tied up in issues and opinions and might piss customers off. But whatever happened to interviewing people in person. Ya know? Then I did have an actual interview that was sorta normal so I might possibly get a graveyard shift at a coffee joint, right now I am practicing staying up late. In case you wondered, I'm insane!

I thoroughly dug the last Star Wars. It made me sad though, because it was sad anyway, and then there is the whole fact of my dad not being around to see it. He took me to all the others when I was a little girl. There was a letter in Entertainment Weekly from some guy who said exactly what I was thinking, which is that all the fanboys bitch and moan about the new ones because “that’s not how they would have done it”. But it is Lucas’s thang and he should do what he wants to do. And I think he did well. The only thing I get annoyed about is that you can’t get the originals un-tinkered with on DVD. But I still have em on tape so I guess that’ll have to do. PS: the new Mad Magazine has funny Star Wars stuff in it, a parody of George Lucas that is hilarious. There is my geekiness for the day. Or night as the case may be.

What am I doing with my life? I don’t freaking know…. what else is new, right?

“Beth I know you’re lonely, and I hope you feel alright, cause me and the boys will be playin’ all night” lil Kiss for ya there… I am listening to stuff I downloaded, and it is a pretty crackhead combo, jumps from Judas Priest to Zapp and Roger to Fats Domino to Bikini Kill to Elton John to Public Enemy to…well you get the idea.

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