Monday, 20 June 2005

Sucking Corporate...errr...Thumb?

I just got a spam email from "Young Herring" which offered "Fast solution to your problems in a bed!" LOL that is too I got the giggles.

I think I got a job! I mean I do, but...well it'll do for now. Actually they make you do a piss test, which is charming, and then it takes 5-10 days for a background check. Corporate America, God love 'em! So it's conditional and I worry that they may just forget about me...I'm funny that way. There are really no mom n' pop type stores around my neighborhood. Which is kinda sad. But anyway, I have worked for both large and small companies and both have their ups and downs. I am just happy to find a job so that now I can think about what I want to get my BA in...I'm between 3 subjects and I want to be realllllly sure this time.

I want to say thanks to Dirty Jase for reading my blog and even linking to it! Here is a link to yours Left Hand Pathos...which I will put in list o' links along the side as well...

Now I can lay in the sun and really relax cuz things are looking up!

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