Saturday, 7 July 2001

Well... seeing Social Distortion tomorrow
The Process is coming next week, and all is right with my world.

Friday I ran in to some poor chump that my former roomate used to string along (her preferred method of "courting"). I was all "aren't you John?" because he was staring and I thought that he already recognized me or somethin'. "yeah" "you went out with my roomate, T******" "uhhhh I think you have the wrong John" "no I swear to god this is where she met you" (a bouncer at a club, he is) "uhhh" (embarassed) "yeah John you were at our house... she got mad because I was talking to you about collecting action figures" "oh yeah, your hair is different" (he couldn't back out at this point poor guy and then I was sorry for him that I'd even brought it up.

Just noticed I'm in the Yahoo! search engine, but mainly if you type real specific things like kookychick252 or this chick is off her rocker. Or unladen swallow production. Someone might type unladen swallow for the hell of it. But I doubt it. What am I doing typing this? I've had barely any sleep I should be resting. "My... God... woman!" my nephew might say, in a Mayor Quimby voice (which is basically a Kennedy voice, huh?) My nephew is a crack up. I wish I saw him and Chrissy more.