Friday, 13 July 2001

Shit I am always writing on Fridays... I just looked back and realized that. Some might say I have no life. I have one, I just don't want it that much.
*GOOD NEWS* in form of what looked like *bad news* came to me via e-mail. {insert ex-boyfriend's band name here} BACK FROM EUROPEAN TOUR it said, more or less (had stupid uses of the f-word... "Califucknia"? that's not a good pun even. It's a good word when used properly like fuck you or fuck, I'm bored or fuck! I missed the BART train. But not in the form of a stupid pun how obnoxious.) [I think it should be obvious that I'm exhausted right now and rambling on incessantly and MUST BE STOPPED!] The point being that I thought aw, crap what if {he's} at the show Sunday? But I read further and they are in Fresno Sunday rotflmao! And by the way, what the fuck am I doing on their mailing list!

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