Friday, 13 July 2001

Where am I on a Friday night? Home in front of the computer! But really I don't feel social. Sometimes I hate being around people, I'm around people all damn day. My friend, he gets depressed if he is not out and around other people. Me, I get depressed being around people. I am sick of them all!!! Just kidding, but I don't like to go out every night on the weekend. And I'm going out Sunday. Sooo today I'm writing and it is a relief from listening to people talk.

Man I am stressed out at work. Lots of new stuff to learn and lots of old stuff I'm getting behind on in the process. (speaking of The Process... Sunday sunday sunday! See them shake hands with the Devil as they roar through the gates of Hell! *I think that's an old monster truck spoof from David Letterman*)

Oh well the point I was beginning to make was work= woowee! We are getting some dorks for job applcants. First there was a Todd. My boss Eric hired the Todd on the spot. Next day the Todd calls and says he only wants to work there if he can make 15 bucks an hour. Fat chance. He didn't even have another job offer or anything. What a re-Todd. Then we had this chick coming in for an interview that called in to cancel, she got scared and sweaty driving on the bridge. And she tells Eric this! I thought I had problems! So we hire another Jamie, and I'm sure she doesn't want to be called #2 so I said it breaks down like this: she is good and I am EVIL. EVIL JAMIE. Then this fool comes in today, I'm just getting back from break so he rides up in the elevator. "So tell me, is it pretty chill working here?" he's this young hipster guy. Oh yeah, chill is just how I'd describe it...NOT! I think chill is my least favorite adjective, unless it has "ed" on the end and is describing white wine. Then I hear him telling Eric he wants 16 bucks an hour. Where are these people getting their delusions? Or are people hiring for the stuff I'm doing and offering that much? I wouldn't mind that! Shit!

Oh yeah Socal Distortion was a good show. The band was cool anyway, I could have done without the stupid frat boys spilling beer all over and it smelled like a gymnasium in there. And then this guy comes out of the pit with no shirt and bumps into me as though I might enjoy having another person's perspiration coating my arm. I sound prissy but it's been a long time since I was in the middle of a crowd like that. Smaller clubs have less of a sweaty-frat-boy factor. Although there was that time at Connelly's when Oppressed Logic was playing and some kook jumped up on a table and started whacking off. At least that was funny though. To me, anyway, but I don't get out much, like I was saying before.