Monday, 16 July 2001

Currently functioning on three hours of sleep...

ooohwee the process! my favorite... i shit you not. Met Troy, who is the lead singer, briefly. He remembered me from their last show, I think because I'm the dope that knows all the words... the Rats were there too... who needs Grant? I liked 'em with Darrin as the singer. Also for the first time I saw the Angry Amputees... heard the name, was like "hmm" saw that the bass player actually was an amputee... so it's not just a clever name (Wayne Campbell:"the Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?" Meatloaf:"they suck")[why is it that I relate almost everything to some movie? I am nuts] Anyhooo they were cool.

The second Jamie at work lasted approximately 4 days. Evil Jamie reigns supreme *maniacal laughter* But really, she seemed alright... what is up with my workplace???

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