Friday, 29 June 2001

Whenever I log in to Blogger I realize how lame my blog is, layout wise, and also notice that my website seems quite cobbled together compared to almost anyone else's. Also I write long and only semi-coherent sentences. I must take some kind of classes in HTML and stuff. If only there were more hours in the day.

Actually, if only I was more energetic during the existing hours of the day. After work I am pretty much wiped out. And, oh joy, BART may be on strike next week. How to commute to SF without the dumb train? Dumb ferry, maybe. But that would mean going to Marin first... eh, why worry now. Don't count yer transit employees until they strike. Or something.

Oh the band I luuuurve is coming to SF soon. The Process. But I have already devoted lots of space within my website to salivating over them like a dog when Pavlov rings a bell. So I shall refrain.

Saturday or Sunday I'm gonna have to see "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" on the big screen. So that I might bond with my fellow geeks. We're like Trekkies but with phony accents. I can see it now, mouthing the words "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government..." I don't mind too much, being a dork. Better than being someone who is all fake and running around pretending to be cool and so above everyone else. Piss off, the lot of you! Python forever!!! Better than Prozac.

Speaking of Prozac, can I just say how disgusted I am with the general assumption that any problem can be made better by deadening yourself with stupid fucking Prozac and Effexor and Depakote (though I was a bit fond of Ativan, bit too fond, actually). I know it helps some people but, shit! Er. I once saw Susan Sarandon on a show, probably Baba Wawa, where she told of how she had a kind of breakdown in her early twenties. She said that she thinks that is something a lot of people go through at that age, where you're realizing that life sucks more than you were expecting it to, and she thought that it was not necessarily a good idea to just throw a bunch of prescriptions at a person to make it better. And I said amen to that, girlfriend. U go girl!

How come sometimes I add a picture and it shows up once but not later??? Why does it all have to be so confusing????

'kay I'm done complaining.

Oh I saw this bizarre show last night on VH1 where these bands that just do covers come on and it's like a game show and the judges tell them what song to play. Any song they feel like saying. And sometimes they request a song in a different style, Celine Dion song heavy metal style or something like that. It was so crappy I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was nearly as interesting as when the Zappa's had that show on USA, I think it was called Happy Hour. I used to watch that and I would mention it to other people and they would look at my like I was nutty. That was kind of a game show too, there were stupid categories like one where you identify a kind of candy bar by looking at a photo of a cross section of it. And Dweezil would play the guitar, Ahmet would sing, large-breasted women would dance. There were no rules and the prizes were dumb. It was like Sabado Gigante in English. I loved that show. I was all over that show like white on rice. I also wish Cartoon Planet was still on. There is nothing better to watch when you're overly tired than something that is just a bit asinine.

Well crap, I'm making up for not writing in a while by writing a huge amount. Hey, I'm overly tired, and this is a bit asinine... Bang ZOoom yeah baby! Oh by the way, I hate BIG BROTHER, I politely watched that awful show with my ex-roomate in an attempt to bond with her and that show was to me like nails on a frickin' blackboard and I wanted to punch that older chubby guy that kinda flipped out and started dying his hair, punch him in the neck. At least the one legged guy won, I am very pro one-legged guys since my late father was himself a one-legged guy. But my point is that show was asinine and I HATED IT and so I guess it all depends. The reason I thought of it was I saw an commercial about a second one. Just what this world needs.