Monday, 11 June 2001

Hey that picture did work, now I've forgotten the code, though... Also I'm very disturbed that a Yahoo ad pops up on my weblog... I wonder how to get rid of that. Had a fun weekend. Friday Marcus and I went to Bottom of the Hill, they were having 1974 night. Local bands covering old tunes like Rock the Boat, Kung Fu Fighting, Strutter... my favorites were Now I'm Here and Fox on the Run. It was cheesy and fun. Afterward, for some inane reason, I thought it would be a kick to lean out of Marcus's car window and yell "I am a golden god!" like in "Almost Famous". A couple people cheered. Most though I was nuts. Then I said dammit, I want to go to a nudie bar. I have never been to one and I wondered exactly what it was like. For God's sake, my mother had been to see Carol Doda! And look at me... all I know is what I've seen in the movies. So we went. It is not like the movies at all. This gal was topless and you know what? People weren't even paying attention! They were just sitting there, blah blah blah. Also she didn't have big fake boobs or anything. Hers were smaller than mine! I went to the nudie bar and went home with a healthy self-image! Brilliant!

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