Thursday, 16 August 2001


why do i get all paranoid that PEOPLE I KNOW are reading my shit and it's WEIRDING THEM OUT?
will now refrain from talking about anything semi-personal unless being very vague. How's that?
am I boring? what possesses me to write this shit? it's kinda egotistical to write this and presume that anyone would care to read it and yet... well... i'm neurotic as hell, i wish i were more egotistical. It would be nice to be confident. SHIT wouldn't it? I don't really know. I work for a someone that has oodles of pictures of HERSELF up in her office, I mean not only group photos but lots of HERSELF by HERSELF I cant grasp liking a picture of myself so much that i would put one up by my desk for myself and everyone else to see every stinking day. that trips me out. that is one healthy self image. it must be a good rare thing to have. I remember me and Ena used to laugh at that show "Moonlighting" because the chick Maddie had a wall covered with pictures of herself. We were like "oh mah gah getoverit!" and now i work for Maddie and I guess I'm Miss Depesto and what I want to know is where the fuck is David Addison? because i could use a cute smirking sumnamabitch rightaboutnow

although i have pictures on my website... why would i presume to think that anyone cares

i'm flipping out... I hope that Louise is alright. if i can wish one thing for the whole year or forever let Louise be alright right now because i can't take any more

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