Sunday, 19 August 2001


I was just looking at somebody elses blog, one that was called favorite quotes or somethin'. They were making a list of ten things that piss them off and one was people who point at their wrist when they ask what time it is. They were all "yeah I know where my watch is, where the hell is yours? I don't point at my crotch when I'm asking where the bathroom is." Ha, well that made me laugh. Probably because I am a wrist pointer.

Oh, but I'm tired. I was going to write something in particular and now I can't remember what. Yesterday I went to the beach. Holy shit it actually felt like summer. I'm not making sense. And the last couple times I wrote I was rambling by the looks of it. I'm a ramblin' guy (gal) isn't that some Steve Martin thing? Back when he was Mr Arrow-through-the-head ? I'm gonna stop now. I have no point today.

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