Sunday, 5 August 2001

"I put on some make-up, turn on the 8-track..." I've just seen "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" yesterday and that song from it is kicking around in my brain non-stop.

The weekend went as follows... on Friday our month-end party at work was postponed to Monday (there's a real party night for ya) so instead I hung out with my friend Ana. Which is cool because usually she goes home early on Fridays (lucky her). Then when I got home I drew for a while, which was nice because I haven't been drawing lately.

Yesterday I went to the movies and to a pub with Marcus. He was nice to me. Lately he's been kinda funny toward me because he knows I've been going out with someone. But he managed to put that aside yesterday and for that I'm grateful.

Today involved house-painting, yelling (not by me) and stress (for everyone involved). Would rather not go into the details as they are pretty stupid. Then tonight, my friend Cleo e-mailed me... she got tickets for Tool so I am going with her Friday. She has a friend she was wanting to fix me up with but... I like the person I'm seeing. Even though we've only been out a couple times. It's just been cool, it's nice to take it slow, this is the first person I have dated that I did not know from work or school or being a friend-of-a-friend. Maybe you're supposed to date more than one person at the same time at the beginning but it seems like a confusing hassle. Well what do I know about anything, anyway. . So anyhow... blah. I'm rambling. I'm going Mariah Carey all of a sudden. Ok that's mean to say but I feel entitled to be able to be wise-ass about shit like that. Just because in my early twenties I was involved in a very unhealthy relationship and I had to chill out for a while, too. So, Mariah, girl- I can't stand your music but I relate to you more now than I did when you were Miss Married-an-old-guy-to-further-her-career, dumped-him-and-started-dressing-like-a-stank-ho. Now you're Miss Various-and-sundry-shrinks-are-throwing-meds-at-you-by-the-handful. I've been there, girly. It sucks, eh?

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