Sunday, 3 September 2006

A Wealth of Useless Information

On Friday, I went to see Willie Nelson and Shooter Jennings at Konocti Harbor, "Tucked away in a scenic cove on the shores of beautiful Clear Lake" which means "you are gonna get carsick on that winding mountain road". But it was worth it for Willie!! Konocti is a fairly small venue...pretty mellow with ridiculously over-priced beverages and good hot dogs.

Shooter Jennings mainly focused on songs from his newer album but he did sing Fourth of July-my favorite-so I was hap-hap-happy. Willie sang old favorites plus new stuff...the ones he is prolly contractually obligated to play (On the Road Again, Mammas Don't Let Yer Babies Grow up to be Cowboys) and a coupla Hank W. (Jambalaya and Hey Good Lookin') and a coupla Kris K. (Help Me Make it Through the Night and Me and Bobby McGee) man even sang the Beer Barrel Polka. He did Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain, Georgia, Always on My Mind (i was about to start bawling feeling like a kid and near Blue Lake and all...) um, Crazy...and of course Whiskey River.

Next day, I went to Ma's...she told me about a dream where she was sleeping in the same room with my Dad and my stepdad and I called to tell them I was stuck somewhere on a freeway... my Dad said he would go and get me... my mother told him no, let Gary (my stepdad)...she was thinking because my Dad had one leg and got uncomfortable driving (the second time the cancer came back, it was wrapped around the artery going into his left leg... so they took it, he died 15 years (to the day) later...when it came back the millionth time....fuck cancer...fuck mortality)then she looked at my dad and saw that he had both legs again. For a minute I thought that dream meant I was soon to die...but who knows what dreams mean, anyway? I had a stupid dream that night that I was designing Barbie clothes. So whatever.

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Alex V said...

Sounds like you had fun at the concert, which is the important thing.