Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Reminisking Ug Ug UG UG UG

I like to spell reminiscing like Popeye, lest you think I dunno (don't know) how to spell. Wait maybe I don't after all...is it reminising? reminicing? right the first time? no wonder I like to spell it like Popeye would say it.

On MySpace, the dreaded MySpace...I ran into a guy from high school...he updated me on oodles of people that we know...my first boyfriend, the Slayer fan with the very metal look, is married with a kid...Such a surreal thought to think of everybody all grown up...I'm gonna try to go see my friend tonight. First I'm gonna run by work and copy some pictures for him. I was so excited and the only person who I could tell about all the news, who would be just as intrigued as me, is Mama. And she is in surgery as I type this. Nothing huge just trying to help her back injury.

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