Wednesday, 4 January 2006

the Cliff's Notes version of the last few days...

New Years Eve, stayed home. There was a fight involving 30-40 teenage boys in front of our house. The police came and they all scattered to the winds. I put on the Dick Clark New Years show. I was amused by the signs in the crowd, especially "I Heart Dick" and "Me plus Dick equals Kiss at Midnight". I was kind of sad to see Dick Clark post-stroke but glad that he was feeling better and up to hosting. I was repulsed my Mariah Carey with her squealing high octaves and butt-ugly too-small dress. I mean if you've got curves that's cool please wear something not so much like an Oksana Baiul skating costume. AND THEN: My niece let her cradle-robbin', pot-smokin', car-stealin' Kevin Federline-esque boyfriend in through her window. I am not down with the white trashy boyfriend. You are so grounded...too bad I'm not her mudder.

New Years Day I went to visit the rest of my family...played "Scene It" with the kids, had the end of the Spritz cookies...watched a dumb movie. The next day, after we watched the Rose Parade at long last, I found out that someone smashed my window and looked in my car. I say looked because they didn't take anything. I had the faceplate of the stereo in my purse and I guess they didn't like my taste in CD's so lucky me. Well, except for the window. And I had to wait another day for someone to come and repair it. I stayed at my mother's house and played with the "on demand" cable...they have quite a selection of Three Stooges shorts and I showed my mother some Monty Python's Flying Circus and the last season of Coupling.

Other than that I've just been working...I have that yuck-o feeling that I have to figure out very soon what I am gonna do in the future even though I so love just spinning my wheels...I'm not being sarcastic I really do love spinning my wheels, I have no ambitions anymore I guess. I just read some article that said that in your thirties you should be looking into buying property and paying off your credit card debts. Yeah, I could do that...with the money I pull OUT OF MY ASS!

Now I am going to go watch Broken Flowers...hooray for it coming out on video so soon we never did get it at any theaters in this podunk town.


globalrenovation said...

Thanks for laughing my weasel (ouch - I couldn't resist)... I'm moving into another bedroom as of monday!

globalrenovation said...

Ps - thanks for the link, I'm honored and will do the same once I've figured out how!

hyena said...

"Yeah, I could do that...with the money I pull OUT OF MY ASS!"

you know, if they'd told us about this ass money when we were younger we never would have had to use credit cards in the first place.
s'funny, i want a new job but i also have no career ambitions.