Thursday, 19 January 2006

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

"Jamie loves me, yes yes, she does"

sing along now

"she got the way to move me"

The City of Stockton caused some brewhaha by paying my main man Neil ...(pinky finger pointing towards my mouth) one meeeelion dollars! to appear there!! at their new arena!!! they're pissing off some taxpayers!!! excuse the extraneous exclamation points!!!!

but I loved loved loved the concert. still, that's a lotta money, innit?

buzznet is driving me up the wall with its shady not allowing me to comment or respond to messages dealy. what is up with that? I was going to take a break from it altogether but then I recieved a wonderful gift from my friend Gene and wanted to thank him on there so piss on the break...I just hate to post pictures when I can't write anybody back. makes me mad, i don't think i can handle, she go channel to channel cold lookin' for that hero, she watch channel zero...lil Public Enemy for ya there...

the past few nights I have been sleeping like a rock. i was going to bed early and sleeping in late
well tonight I've been on the computer so now I am all riled up and dunno if I can sleep...i'll try
goodnight sweetheart well it's time to go duh duh duh duh duh...(in a very deep voice)


Alex said...

I heard an interesting story about Neil Diamond. Apparently, one day in the late 1960's he was at a restaurant and his side dish didn't show up, and after being polite about it for a long time, the waiter finally comes up with a little plate and say's "here's the sweet potato you ordered," and Diamond throws down his napkin and yells: "A yam, I said!"

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globalrenovation said...

I'd sing for you but only know 'The selfish opera' by Itsmine Vanwallstein - 'ME,ME, ME ME!'