Tuesday, 21 December 2004

A blatant attempt to generate revenue

"I somehow some way keep coming up with funky ass shit like every single day" Snoop D O Double-Gizzle. So I quoted cuz I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind. Who will employ the likes of my paranoid moody self?

In the interim, y'all could purchase one of the following fine products:

Pups n' Kitties on mugs and such

If you like Siamese cats, you will love a shirt or something with Minka on it, wontcha?

If you like Chinese Crested dogs (or just odd looking dogs in general) check out Marmalade...and you thought Mr Winkle cornered the market on having ones tongue constantly hanging out the side of ones mouth. Meet Miss Maramalade: in your face, Winkle!

or, also, if you dare.....my lil book (novella more than novel I suppose...)

sorry, I am just so depressed cuz it is Christmas....rats. I am a whiny little beotch all the time lately. I am trying to curb that shit, but it is hard.

Remember what we are thankful for, or what I am thankful for anyway:
the girls, my mama and sisters and bros in law and nieces and nephews and Kris and Lisa K. and Leta..... and books to read, read "the Lovely Bones"-I was afraid that would be so depressing but it is actually so wonderful. And the BBC, I love 'em... first of all Python of course, but oh my gosh I just discovered "Coupling"--ohh what a great show.... plus Ab Fab and French and Saunders and you know I will always love "Are You Being Served?" I am so dorky......And thanks to whoever had the ancient tape of the Star Wars Holiday Special, and sold some on Ebay, a true comedy classic, that. Here is a pic from the Gio's Christmas party:
oh yeah, and Courtney Love is still such my girl and I hope she does bounce back, I know she will.... buy America's Sweetheart ... it is terrific and everyone dumps on her and ignored that album. For the love of God, huh? I mean lots of people bought that stupid faux-lesbian Catholic schoolgirl group Tatu...no accounting for taste I guess, especially mine, heh.

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