Tuesday, 25 May 2004

So my birthday went well... and even though I have crossed the threshold of yet another decade I don't feel that much wiser. I wonder when I will stop doing stupid shit. And start using real words and being clear instead of using the shortcut of curse words.

For my birthday I got charm bracelet charms, dresses, shoes, OZ season 3 and a digital camera. The camera is brilliant because it takes moving pictures too... and I can edit it on my computer... and hopefully I will regain some of my passion for that- the passion that was stomped out of me by that asshole used-car dealership commercial making Trekkie jerk I used to work for. Bitter...who, me?

We relived the 70's and froze our asses off seeing STYX at the Concord Pavilion. Damn was it cold, and my sister in her hooded sweatshirt and her husbands parka looked just like the lil brother in A Christmas Story, when he gets all bundled up to the point where he can't even move his arms heheh. There was an audience member, a guy in a powder blue zoot suit with a pin-up girl tie, and my nephew and I thought that guy rocked like no one else. I also love the kiddie rockers... I even saw a 8 or 9 year old gal in a motorcycle jacket with KISS airbrushed on the back!..STYX was good tooo...the keyboard guy did this ragtime bit that was incredible. I like STYX. I love almost everybody... I swear at home I bounce back and forth from like punk to 40's and 50's to old country to disco...completely schizo musical taste.

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