Wednesday, 27 March 2002

sanity slowly slipping away...

What a depressing day! Did I mention- now Eric is leaving work too! Everybody is going buh-bye see ya! I am so bummed out I am punctuating all sentences with exclamation points!

So on a better note I suppose I laid it all out I said what I don't like about the job and what is weirding me out about the job. We were supposed to do a "5 core values" or summat bloody hell oi and I just couldn't do it fer fuck's sake! So I wrote out all that instead (won't go into detail here). And I think it was good... management discussed it with me. Which is a refreshing change of pace. Unlike my old boss with the Napoleon complex and stubby fingers who alienates you for daring to say anything that doesn't suck up to him, that Aryan nation control freak paranoid rich somnamabitch. Apparently I harbor some resentment toward that dipshit still. But ah well what better way to vent it than randomly into this blog so that bored web surfer might happen upon my insanity.

So personal and work lives are kinda iffy. Entertainment life is good- got me a new Stephen King book and I still got the last episode of my "Oz" first season to watch. Speaking of books I was reading a Dean Koontz my sister borrowed from da lyberry. To be honest I liked his books when I was a kid and now they make me kinda bored and seem really repetive (although I liked that one Intensity, that was only a few years ago). Anyway I was reading it at work because once I start something by-God I'm gonna go ahead and finish it. If it sucks terribly bad I might skim, but I am getting to the end by hook or by crook. Anyway this one new dude at work asked what I was reading, I told him and he was all 'sorry I asked ha ha" and I was like ya well it's not too good but I am going to see how it ends and he was just like "why bother when there are so many good books" and I thought to myself what a stuck up wanker. And I didn't ask what he reads because I swear to God if he said Charles Bukowski I would have laughed so hard they would have had to cart me off to Bellevue. Because this has happened so repeatedly in my life with men who were all snooty about what they liked to read and they were always on about Charles Bukowski. And sometimes I would ask them to speak about it more in depth and they would start saying shit off the back of a book jacket. I don't know but when people want to fake hip or smart they pretend to read Charles Bukowski. I am sure there are tons of people who really read him but I have run into so many Bukowski posers it is like an undiscovered epidemic. I like when people pick books for the purpose of impressing others when they look at their bookshelf. Not. The worst part is you can tell. You can see right through that shit and they think they are looking smart. I don't know- maybe I am into crap and have bad taste. ( "But, " says Sheryl Crow, "if it makes you happy... it can't be that bad". OK Sheryl but don't forget if it makes me happy, then why the hell am I so sad. Sheryl: "Well, everyday is a winding road, and all I wanna do is have some fun" Piss off Sheryl.)

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