Wednesday, 6 March 2002

Ok if I can't publish today I am going to be *very upset* ... I couldn't get the freakin' thing to work last time. I mean, now that I am payin' for the FTP crap it might as well work, dog! It's a grown-ass website, dog! It is all about Cedric the Entertainer this week. And if you haven't seen "Original Kings of Comedy" then by God, rent it!
Everyone I have ever known who has seen it can't stop repeating jokes from it!

Anyhoo, a sad day today... Pollito's last day of work and dammit I am going to miss him so much. It is not even funny. We went out for karaoke last night, a bunch of us. I got all emotional and crap... well I couldn't help it. He is simply one of my top five favorite persons of all time. He is just such a good guy. He's a good-ass man, dog! OK I will stop. At the bar I sang You Oughta Know with Angie. Anthony said it looked like we couldn't wait to get to the swearing part! Well, hey - that's the fun part! We also did Love Shack and backed up Lisa on Day-o and Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Anthony and Eric, LOL Just kidding around... oh, they may kick my butt for posting it!

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