Thursday, 15 November 2007

blah blah etc

i am bored yet excited, excited because i have a new hard drive for my compoopoo and the virus-laden one is no more (i burned it)(not really) and thanks to JEFF for the replacement

I am tired yet restless,

errmmm...i'm brave but i'm chicken shit hhehehehe i got one hand in my pocket and the other one is hailing a taxicab.

I'm super bummed that the kids aren't coming here for thanksgiving, they will be with my ex blighter in law (blighter was the spell check suggestion when i misspelled brother)
and they aren't kids anyway, they are adults now and that is just scary.

Holidays get sadder each year

kay sorry
i am being a downer
Last night I watched Kitchen Nightmares and about pissed myself laughing when Chef Ramsay got puking up sick at the restaurant. There is a mark of distinction that no restaurant would want. "Chef Ramsay Vomited Here".

that is one of those pictures that comes with the computer, I am kind of sad that mine totally crapped out and i do not have the pictures stored in here that i had before, yet most of my pictures i end up posting online anyway so no great loss I suppose. I am mad, though, cuz i love virtual painter and that was a download, i don't know if i can get it again w/out paying for it again
wahh wahh i sound like a lil bitch


xoxoxoxo kc252

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