Friday, 18 August 2006

on a more serious note...

I read an article that really moved me this week, about young girls being sold into prostitution. Some were abducted from their homes, and some were sold in to slavery by THEIR OWN PARENTS, which I cannot fathom. Somaly Mam, who lived in Cambodia and was sold into slavery by her parents when she was a small child, has taken this horrible experience and allowed it to strengthen her... she had founded an organization dedicated to helping girls get out of this tragic situation... her site can be found here. Sadly, in retaliation for her efforts, her own daughter was kidnapped and brutally raped. Her resilience through it all is an inspiration.

The article was written by Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl.

It's a frightening world.

and i do find odd to read this article sandwiched between "if a man doesn't want to cuddle after sex, does it mean he is not that into you?" and "superstar hair special!"...but i do commend Glamour magazine for at least attempting some serious journalism along with the fluff..they are not quite up to Marie Claire or Jane but light-years ahead of Cosmo....

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