Tuesday, 23 August 2005

I knew the bride when she used to...

Anyway excuse me while I repeat what I said already elsewhere:

So…Mom’s wedding

Went very well… I have a few pictures and I will be getting copies of the more formal ones. A few things went screwy…Grooms tux did not arrive on time and emergency back up had to be Fed-Exed in. Groom’s haircut, which he got on the morning of the wedding, left him with a small bald patch in the back. Whoopsie! The DJ kinda sucked, as he did not seem to be playing anything that my mother picked out. He did get people in a conga line for “Hot Hot Hot” and then he kept it going with the Macarena and the Chicken Dance. Sorta funny. My nieces, the twins, held each other by the hands and spun around wildly in circles for most of the songs. I danced with my mom to “Livin’ La Vida Loca”, another song which I am pretty sure she didn’t pick. Spent the night at my sister’s, then…

The next day traveled to San Francisco and saw my old building. Saw my old apartment, they ripped up the rug to reveal beautiful hardwood floors. So that was nice. Then they put more modern cupboards in the kitchen and that looked awful. It was so cute before. BAH! No tenant yet, and when there is one they are going to be paying about 300 dollars more than I was. Good Lord. Went to Louie’s…and had sandwiches. No energy to do anything else really so watched Napoleon Dynamite. The next morning we took BART to the airport and it was off to Disneyland…whoo hooo

It is Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary… and I was surprised to realize that the Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, and the dinosaur bit on the Railroad had been there since it opened. It was crowded, but we did that thing of getting on the popular (read: Space Mountain) rides early…going to California Adventure when the Magic Kingdom crowd was off the heezy, and going on popular ones (read: Indiana Jones) during Fantasmic or the fireworks. The newest thing there (I think) was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters…a bit like the Roger Rabbit ride except for you get to shoot lazer guns at targets. We went twice. The first time I sucked at it. The second time I wore my glasses and quadrupled my score. Which more or less got me over my Jan Brady-like aversion to wearing glasses.

The newest thing in California Adventure was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and it was so much fun and it never had a line. I couldn’t figure out why. People did freak out on it though, and they take your picture at the top, and you get to see who was freaked out and who had been on the ride before and was posing for the picture.

A few more things:

Most popular t-shirt worn by guests of the park: Misfits…and running a close second was Vote for Pedro

Most popular Disney character t-shirt sold and worn at the park: Jack Skellington?!?!? Didn't know that was so popular.... And running a close second was Mickey Mouse of course.

Most common sight after 11 pm: kid in stroller sleeping and older brother or sister screaming in anger or else still bouncing along happily.

Best food: I was all over the spicy kabob at the Bengal Barbecue…mmm. They have healthier stuff in Disneyland nowadays too, you can get a fruit plate even.

Best hot dog: Award Wieners in California Adventure.

Best Ice Cream: the soft serve in California Adventure that has a flavor swirl.

Words I learned in Disneyland: Manos, brazos…and of also Permanecer sentados, por favor.
Creepy things in Disneyland: a bearded man in a t-shirt shorts and Santa hat that clearly did not work there and gave me the creeps cuz he was by himself and clearly seemed like he was trying to attract kids attention with the Santa hat and all…get back to the north pole asshole. Also a creepy man in a shirt that said “trust me, I work here” except he obviously didn’t work there since he didn’t have a name badge…err…

Biggest Scare: the first drop on the Tower of Terror. And also the ride attendant on the Haunted Mansion…he was standing in a shadow and when I noticed him I jumped and said "whoo he scared me", then he apparently clung to the back of our “Doom Buggy” til it was partly up the first staircase then popped his head around and said “who, me?” with his flashlight held below his face all sinister-like. And I went "WAAH!"

Who knew?: that Steve Martin got his start at Disneyland.

No more: Bear Country Jamboree. !?!? Also they are turning the submarine ride into Finding Nemo, so no more “helmsman, steer clear of the tottering columns”

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