Tuesday, 19 July 2005

What Dumbass Said The Following....?

Yep, you guessed it, Mr Tom Cruise the dumbass of the year. More at TomCruiseisNuts.com

I never liked that guy and now he irritates me even more.

But enough about him.

Work was kinda fun, we are learning to process film. It is both more and less involved than I imagined, if that makes any sense. I was a bit annoyed at the one manager yesterday...she says to me (during the training) "You're so quiet". And that's a problem because??? I am trying to pay attention and learn. Shit! I didn't get that gene that a lot of chicks have that causes them to talk incessantly about themselves all hours of the day. I think my oldest sister got mine, an extra one. She never shuts up about herself and in fact she doesn't listen to anyone else. Me I just blog about myself heheh. They're coming to take me away, hahah, me and Tom Cruise. "Ding-dong, there's the doorbell. Hello, man in white. He's gonna make you all well, get you through the night"- Nellie McKay. Only if it doesn't involve psychiatric drugs, says Tom. Ya know, I am kind of down on psychiatric drugs myself (except perhaps Valium hee hee) but who am I to criticize anybody else about their choices. (Except of course Tom Cruise and my oldest sister. Okay, so I am a total fucking hypocrite. LOL)

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